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The Electrical System


  • The electrical grid is a transport system, similar to our road system.
    • Atlanta = substation
    • Your car = electricity
    • I-85 = three phase line
    • I-985/365 = three phase line tap
    • County Road = single phase line
    • Your driveway = service line to your home/business

If there is anything blocking your path on any of these routes, you will be delayed in reaching your destination. It's the same with electricity - if there is a blockage on I-85 (or a three phase line), it will prevent you from reaching home at the time you had planned.


  • As of Dec. 31, 2016, HEMC serves 3,760 miles of line. Below is a comparison chart showing the expansion of line since 1976.

  • 19 substations in the six county service area.

  • HEMC's system reliability averages is that members have service 99.96% of the time.

  • Currently, 51 people work in the HEMC Operations department. Here are some of the jobs these employees perform:
    • Trim right of way
    • Build/maintain/repair power lines
    • Build/maintain fiber
    • Maintain metering system
    • Connect/Disconnect meters
    • Build/maintain/repair electrical service to homes and businesses

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