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Fiber Expansion Project Installation Process


What to Expect

Your Trailwave fiber installation will take place in two parts. The first part will be the installation of the fiber from the road to the outside of your home. The second part will be the installation of fiber and equipment inside your home and activation of your Internet service. Prince Telecom has been selected as our contractor for both parts of the installation. 


If you have an email address through your current Internet service provider (ISP), we encourage you to create another email address through a third party such as Google (Gmail), Yahoo, etc. and transition to using that address prior to activation of your Trailwave service.  Below are short tutorial videos to help you set up your new email account.


Gmail (through Google) Gmail Account set up video

Yahoo Email Account set up video



Part One

Under normal circumstances, the contractors will try to follow the same route as the power service if overhead lines are used. If you have underground service to your home, the contractor will use white paint or white flags to mark the proposed route to the house.


  • Please take note of the white paint or flags and contact HEMC within 3 days if you have a concern about the route (such as unmarked water, septic or propane lines or landscaping elements) as installation of the fiber will occur shortly after the route is marked.


  • Member is responsible for locating and identifying any underground infrastructure not required to be marked by the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act. Examples include water lines (particularly private community water systems and lines serving individual locations), sprinkler systems, propane gas lines, underground pet barriers, etc. Contractors try to avoid underground utility service lines as much as possible, but sometimes damage does occur. Our crews will have basic supplies to make minor repairs, but if a third party is needed to complete the repair, HEMC and its contractors are not responsible for the costs incurred.


Part Two

During this part, contractors will be installing fiber and equipment inside each home and activating Internet service. You MUST be home for the contractor to install your services. HEMC will contact you to schedule a time for your installation.


The standard installation inside the home should take 1-2 hours and includes the following:


  • Outside wrap - Installing the fiber cable from the outside box up to 100 feet into your home to connect to our equipment.


  • Exterior wall or crawlspace floor penetration - This is where the cable will actually enter into your home, through an exterior wall or floor from crawlspace.


  • Placement of the fiber jack - Located along the baseboard adjacent to the wall/floor penetration.


  • Installation of the interior fiber network equipment - This is our router that provides Internet service.


  • Verify the service is working and assist in connecting two devices. The contractor will not be able to assist with home network configuration or computer issues.


Non Standard Installation options are available while contractor is on-site for an additional cost. Options include:


  • Fishing an interior wall with fiber, $80 - Installing the fiber inside an interior wall rather than through an exterior wall or crawlspace.


  • Pulling an ethernet line, $80 each - If you need a physical copper wire pulled to connect a computer or other network device to the router.


  • Installing fiber jack in an alternate baseboard location, $80 - Through the use of a nearly invisible fiber and clear glue, we will run fiber along the top of the baseboard to a different location.


Any Non Standard Installation option selected will be added to your HEMC bill. You will not pay the contractor on site.


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