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HEMC Trailwave Expansion Project Service Application

HEMC members who have been contacted regarding the HEMC Trailwave fiber optic service expansion project may complete and submit this online application.


If you are not in the designated area of the expansion project, please do not complete the application. Members within the designated area have been notified directly and given a deadline to sign up for the project.


By submitting this application, the member ("Applicant") accepts the terms and conditions of communications services offered through Habersham EMC ("Provider") as listed below: 


  1. HEMC Trailwave service is billed one month in advance.
  2. By submitting this application the Applicant is also confirming he or she is the property owner or has permission from the property owner to have these services installed.
  3. The Applicant is responsible for locating and identifying any underground infrastructure not required to be marked by the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act. Examples include water lines (particularly private community water systems and lines serving individual locations), sprinkler systems, propane gas lines, underground pet barriers, etc. HEMC and its contractors try to avoid utility service lines as much as possible, but sometimes damage does occur. Our crews will have basic supplies to make minor repairs, but if a third party is needed to complete the repair, HEMC and its contractors are not responsible for the costs incurred.
  4. The Applicant is responsible for any charges beyond standard installation. Additional wiring to locations in the same building will be an additional charge.
  5. It is the Applicant's responsibility to maintain the wiring and all applicable devices inside the premise. The ONT device (where the fiber optics media conversion takes place) is the property of the Provider and shall not be tampered with or opened by the Applicant.
  6. The Applicant, as a condition of receiving service from the Provider, will grant an easement to HEMC on and through their property to provide service extensions to self and other adjacent subscribers as well as to perform necessary maintenance, service upgrades and periodic right-of-way re-clearing. When possible all service extensions will follow the existing utility easements.
  7. Applicant agrees and understands the Provider may utilize the wireless component of the ONT device to extend coverage of the network for internal or external use on a separate network independent of the applicant's network services which will not impede or restrict access to the Applicant's subscribed services. 
  8. The Applicant agrees to take a level of service with a minimum value of $49.95 per month for 12 months. Optional additional services are available to the Applicant upon request. If the Applicant disconnects service or defaults in payment, an early termination fee will apply. The early termination fee will not exceed the remainder of the 12 months of service multiplied by the level of service agreed to in this application. The length of term and monthly billing for service begins once the service has been installed and connected to the Applicant's device.


When you submit this application, you will get a confirmation screen. If you do not get a confirmation screen, your application was not successfully submitted.


IF you do not get a confirmation screen, please clear your browser cache and re-submit the application.


Standard installation. Any variance for external or internal installation due to customer preference will result in additional charges for the member. Standard inside installation includes 50 feet of fiber to the ONT (Optical Network Termination).
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