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Trailwave Fiber Optic Service

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From Country Roads to the Information Super Highway!


Trailwave is Habersham EMC's solution for the highest speed Internet service in our area. 


Through a $42 million grant from the local, state and federal governments to the North Georgia Network (NGN), a 260-mile high-speed fiber optic ring was constructed. This ring connects with existing fiber networks to form a 1,600-mile loop. Habersham EMC is proud to be a part of NGN, and as such built fiber networks throughout the service area. However, due to the stipulations of the grant and the timeline for construction, the fiber optic network did not cover the entire HEMC service area. 


This project has improved broadband service in underserved areas and stimulated economic growth and job creation. Some of the benefits of Trailwave include:


  • Plans starting at 50 Mbps (megabits per second) with faster plans available, with access up to one Gbps (gigabit per second)
  • Connection speeds far beyond the capability of DSL, satellite, cable or any other means
  • The reputation of reliability and local support from HEMC
  • Other Internet-based services such as telephone, video, video instant messaging and internet based storage are also available

DSL Internet connections do not have the capability to handle the amount of data that will be delivered to you in the future. Copper wires can deliver high bandwidth only over very short distances, which is fine if you live next to the DSL provider's equipment. Optical fiber does not have the same limitations. The fiber cable is capable of speeds that today's electronic equipment cannot yet handle. It is basically "future proof".


Post-grant, HEMC continues expansion of the Trailwave™ fiber optic service through a slow growth strategy.  In 2017, an expansion project was launched to explore the feasibility of extending fiber optic service without the use of state and federal grants. HEMC members located within the project area will be notified.


If you are located outside the expansion project area, please use the link below to record your interest. You may also request an estimate for installation costs by using the same form. 


Please record my interest in Trailwave fiber optic service.


Installation and Billing FAQs (PDF)


For Trailwave™ users:

Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)


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