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Dec. 10, 2018 5 p.m. Winter Storm Diego Update


12/10/18 5 p.m. update


962 meters are currently without power.

This includes:

Habersham = 123

Rabun = 775

Stephens = 1

White = 63


Crews are currently working in the following areas:

- Hwy. 197 N in Habersham (broken poles)

- Scattered outages around Cornelia

Dec. 10, 2018 11:45 a.m. Winter Storm Diego Outage Update


As of 11:45 a.m., 2017 meters continue to experience an outage.


This includes:

Habersham = 238

Rabun = 1708

Stephens = 18

White = 83



Dec. 10, 2018 9:20 a.m. Winter Storm Diego Outage Update


2675 meters are without power. This includes:

Habersham = 336
Lumpkin = 33
Rabun = 2197
Stephens = 18
White = 19


Crews will be working in the following areas today:

Winter Storm Diego 6 a.m. Update Dec. 10, 2018


6 a.m. update 12/10/18


2724 meters experiencing outages this morning.


Most of the outages are tree related. In Mt. Airy, a tree fell on a section of line crossing the railroad tracks and a train caught the line. Two poles were broken and three others were damaged. Those poles had to be replaced and railroad personnel onsite before the new line could cross the tracks. Power was restored in the affected area overnight.

5:27 p.m. Diego Update


As of 5:27 p.m., approximately 4900 meters are impacted by outages. This is down from the 6000 meters from earlier today.


Crews will work through the night. Progress has been slowed by impassable roadways and weather conditions.


Again, please avoid downed lines and treat all as if energized.


Winter Storm Diego 2:27 p.m. Update


As of 2:27 p.m., 5912 meters remained without power.


Winter Storm Diego Noon Update Dec. 9, 2018


As of noon, approximately 6000 meters were experiencing an outage. These are scattered throughout the service area, however most are located in Habersham and Rabun counties.


Winter Storm Diego Preparations Dec. 7, 2018


HEMC is closely monitoring the weather forecasts and has personnel ready should outages occur.


We encourage members to also monitor local weather and prepare as needed.


Storm preparations should include provisions for being without power for at least 24 hours, as weather conditions could delay evaluation and restoration.


Please avoid all downed lines and treat as if live. Report hazardous conditions and outages by phone:

(706) 754 -2114

Habersham EMC Returns Capital Credits

For the 32nd consecutive year, Habersham EMC (HEMC) members received capital credit checks in late November. Since 1987, HEMC has returned more than $15 million to members. This year's $1.5 million retirement includes the return of capital contributed by members in 1987 and 1988.


Member capital is utilized for a period of time to finance electric system improvements and maintain the financial strength required by HEMC's lenders. Then it is returned, demonstrating one of the principles of our cooperative, nonprofit organization.


Habersham EMC Announces December Rate Decrease

As a continuation of the rate decrease in November, Habersham EMC members will see a credit on their December bills due to the reduction of the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA) factor. This reduction will benefit almost every Habersham EMC (HEMC) member.

HEMC members will save $28.00 for every 1,000 kWh used, resulting in a total savings of approximately $2.5 million for the membership. The actual savings will vary depending on the amount of energy used.


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